Back Home

… we are! Unfortunately wasn’t able to activate the free wifi network in Schiphol airport, so I missed the status update. Anyway, it was a bad day with lots of stupid people to get angry at, and roundabout one hour delay. But after all we made it save and sound and will probably very soon huddle under our blanket for a well-deserved night’s rest.

Grrrr, me hates dat shit. 😦 Thx for nothing, Schiphol.

CYA tomorrow, my fraggles.


Oh, did I mention it’s finally raining in Cape Town. Since two days. Even with a storm and some damaged properties. But our huisie is still standing and all that broke was a dreamcatcher thingie. Anyway, our garden and all the community green spaces are indeed fresh and green again. It’s unbelievable how little water it needs to keep a garden nice and fresh.

Photo from next morning, just nownow. Ouch, my fishyyyyyy! 😮

However, nightynight boyz n gurlz


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