Anybody on 32-bit? Really?

Heyas and good mörnings, people.

Six hours sleep of deep sleep and I’m fit as a pair of sneakers and the bloggoverse got me back. And first thing I see is a rather sad post by Inara. Sad? Look …

Inara’s got her ears and eyes everywhere!

Oh my. See, I’m cold and damp, overtired, abused and misused and badly treated and my mood ain’t the best right now. So I’m gonna blow this little neutral newness out of proportion, and rant a little, if I may.

Two aspects in Inara’s post kinda irked me … even made me angry:

  1. The fuk anybody doin’ on 32-bit OSes and machines? You know how old that shit is? Any idea when the world stopped using any 32-bit processors and applications? Get theeselves a simple cheap 64-bit computer, dammit. It’s no rocket science.
  2. Lindens! 😮 OMG, someone in your office gets a salary for fuking up and confuzerizering the download server locations of your 64- and 32-bit viewers?

So, in fact the loop in which the 32-bit people are stuck in ain’t so bad afterall. I bit of tuff love, call it a wake-up call, to finally get rid of your 32-bit schmutz and join the real world. I wouldn’t even call it modern computing … far from. The last 32-bit processors must already be over 10 years old and died out with Windows XP. You can’t tell me you didn’t replace your hardware since 2008. How the fuk do you survive in Second Life? How did you survive at all?

Not telling you to throw that old darling in the rubbish bin, you may keep it as a Linux tester for all I care. But even in the fairly tolerant Linuxverse more and more distros have stopped development of their 32-bit branches. So, yes. In the long run, heck, even in the short run you won’t get around upgrading your machine park with something 64-bittish … and pretty soon please.


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