… is no reason to become sloppy with machine maintenance and avoid upgrading your Linux system. Particularly since it’s so easy and quickly done, and WiFi in hotels is usually free and unlimited. So I’m not just keeping on with blogging but I’m not becoming a slouch with my operating system neither. Today is “household chores” day anyway, since the dentist appointments fell flat and we don’t have much to do apart from being lazy, taking extensive showers and later packing our shit and getting ready to swap hotels. Will move to a hotel close by the airport tomorrow for the last night in Hamburg, so we can catch our flight back home at 6 a.m. Friday morning.

So today is a perfect opportunity to do this:

[orca@OrcNet ~]$ sudo pacman -Syyuu
[sudo] Passwort für orca:

… and then just watch the magic happen …


It’s cool, it’s nifty. And you can do it to. =^.^⁼


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