… and Ka-B00m! :o

You know what happens when Orca gets bored? Yes, exactly. She starts doing stuff she really shouldn’t be doing. Like updating her computer’s operating system needlessly. I mean, maybe there was a reason for Frederic2ec not to send out updates in the last couple days. And maybe I should just sit still and wait my turn until the next update hits my laptop instead of cluelessly and impatiently force the update on it. :/

Because halfways through the upgrade session OrcNet crashed! 😮 Just froze in and went into full autism mode. 😦 Shriek. 😮 As everybody should know this is the worst imaginable point in time for a fukn computer to fukn crash. It’s like receiving a call from your boss that you are fired … while just having an open heart surgery done on your delicate sexy body. 😦

Needless to say a full reinstall turned out to be necessary. Of course. Because of course. Fuxn machine couldn’t just restart, shrug it all off and keep on with the update. No. That would’ve been too easy and not enough punishment for this impatient stupid user bish. Ok then, let’s install freshly. Heyyy, at least I was clever enough to take USB sticks with Namib GNU/Linux and Linux Mint ISOs with me, so a reinstall is quickly done.

At least I thought so.

Turns out, after dozens of tries and total reformating the harddrive, Namib don’t wanna install properly. Jeezuz. 😮 What else? What you want more from me, cruel fate? Don’t you think I’ve suffered enuff by now ? No?


Ok, good old Minty goodness on OrcNet goes. My trusty security system, which never fails to install on any of my machines And it worx so adorably and stable and is just great all around. But! It makes me look like a dork, a beginner, a little kindergarten girl. 😦

Pfff, I probably didn’t deserve any better. Not after the stupid stunt I pulled. :/ So wot lesson did we learn today? You can be stupid af in the Linux world; as long as you always schlepp a little thumbdrive with a Mint ISO around, you’re back in action in no time … and ready to blog. 🙂

No, honest and earnest now: Yes you can be stupid and you should always carry a security stick with you (I’d do it in Windows too) … but in the first place it’s important to never be cooler than necessary. As a Linux user you’re automatically freezing cool on subzero level, the envy of the neighbourhood n all that; so don’t force your luck and don’t play with fate. Don’t be cocky. Don’t try to act like a boss when in actual reality you’re nothing but a stupid little blogger girl. :/



    • Salut Fred. Merci beaucoup for feedback.
      As I wrote already the stupid Acer crashed during the update, and I guess that’s what made the new install impossible. I will figure it out hopefully when we’re back home tomorrow night. Unfortunately I forgot the error messages when the install failed. Will make another blogpost when I retry it and fail again.


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