Stupid Question


Ugh, ya, well … yes, Arch Linux is probably too difficult for a 3 y/o kid. Notice the question was not about if Linux is too complicated … just Arch. :/ And if you take pure vanilla Arch, yes, it is too complicated. Not only for 3 year olds. For grown up men and women too. Guess why your editrix is on Manjaro and Namib. Because I couldn’t even install Arch Linux out of the box. That’s always the first hurdle and a sign of maturity. Let your kidz only play with computer operating systems they can install by themselves. Hmm, coming to think of it, we should do the same with adults too. 🙂 Let’s check the failure rate in Windows installs. LØL. 🙂

3yoThumbSo I’d recommend something easy, a nice and oh so userfriendly Linux Mint for your toddler. That stuff isn’t easy per se buuuut 10 times more easy than WinApple! And then let your kid try out a real grown ass Arch distro when they turn, like, 4 or 5.

But whatever you do, please make sure to teach your youngsters some of the more basic lifeskills first before allowing them to sit down behind a computing device: riding a bicycle, swim at least 100 meters, basic reading and spelling skills, some light yoga, universal awareness, meditation, brushing teeth …




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