So, You Fell in Love with Manjaro?

Good, good. And all the power to you. Now show your love with your own dedicated Manjaro branded hardware:

Haha, no. Little PhilM doesn’t sit at home at night and assembles barebones for his community members. These laptops are made by StationX, a small professional company and available in two (I guess) versions. And afaik they are no bargain bin stuff but really capable computing machines. Guys, this is earnest stuff for earnest power users, tools rather than silly toys.


Boy, that’s a mighty fine machine. Habba habba habba … wanna have.

Far as I know – but what do I know? – finely tuned means just they told Station X to cram the mostest up-to-date Intel i7 and i5 chips and bucketloads of RAM into their barebones and made a special version of their flagship desktop Xfce, so everything works seamlessly. In my eyes that’s enough to make a purchase of the Spitfire worthwile. No incompabilities, no hardware hassles, everything’s sposed to work right out of the box. This peace of mind is a valuable asset as every Acer-damaged Linux user can tell you from experience.


Why am I making propaganda for Manjaro-branded hardware while I’ve left that distro and am on another system now myself? Simples, because Namib GNU/Linux is (still) too small for a coop with a hardware manufacturer. And Manjaro is good and worthy of your support anyway.


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