New Dell Laptops with Ubuntu are :(

Our all most favourite computer manufacturer, Dell, has a traditionally strong Linux department. And now they’ve revealed some new machines for you and me:

Everybody should be able to find their dream machine in Dell’s lineup

First in the line-up is the 15.6-inch Dell Precision 3530 Mobile Workstation (developer edition).

This entry-level model is available to order as of today “worldwide” (though I can’t find it on the UK store at the time of writing).

Pricing starts from $943 for the base configuration which consists of:

  • 15.6″ HD (1366×768) non-touch display
  • Intel i5-8400H (Quadcore @ 2.50GHz)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Non-backlit keyboard

Like most Dell workstations customers can customize the Dell Precision 3530 to suit their needs, with optional 8th Gen Intel Core and next-Xeon processors available as well as bigger memory options, high-resolution screens, and discrete NVIDIA Quadro P600 professional graphics cards.

Ok, I hope you see what they are doing there. Neither the screen/resolution ratio, not the i5 proci or the meagre 4 GB RAM, not the integrated onboard Intel graphics, nor the non-backlit keyboard make the new machine an outstanding value. For nearly 1000 Woolong one should expect something much better. Yes,  we all know the friendly girls at Dell are always susceptible to bargain (when you order per telephone instead of the website) but still this isn’t a great product. Not for that price! Let’s not forget Dell saves payments to Microsoft and puts a freely available Ubuntu Linux distro on the Precision 3530.

Orca’s verdict: Sorry, no deal.


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