Your Data

… is secure with me. =^.^=

No shit, really. With the new European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have some pretty nice regulations on hand to protect us against such data kraken such as Göögle and Faithbook and other assholios. Yeah, it really has its perks to be a citizen of the good old European Union. Or whatever or fukwot.

Anyway, however, following the shiny example of grand old grandma of SL blogging, Inara Pey, I too shall show you what our universal bloghost Automattic Inc. has to tell us about your personal data and how lucky you are that the editrix has moved Thar She Blows! from Google’s blogspot to Automattic’s WordPress.

Ok, jokes aside here is the real McCoy, a titan of privacy notices, totally earnest like and sober n stuffz:

Neither Orca nor her blog host are spying on you



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