Haruka & Ricky’s REVISITED

Ohayo, my fellow pool ninjas.

Surely you remember my visit to Haruka & Rickys Paradise Onsen in March. Yeah, of course, who could forget this little gem of a bath that almost made it to the top of my list of onsens if there weren’t some stuffz to niggle about. Almost needless to say that Ricky didn’t leave it at just giving one disappointed comment at the post but we engaged in a rather heated discussion where I had to defend my jounalistic freedom and integrity. Ricky was really of the opinion that I was not allowed to judge her build, to which I could just respond that this was exactly what my job as a blogger was! If I set out to make a review series about Japanese bath houses, this is exactly what I’m supposed to do!

Anyway, we bickered and wrangled for a while in IM … and at least me, I forgot about the affair rather quickly and went on being the awesome bloggerista you all love and adore so much, right? Riiiiight???

But you know who didn’t forget? Read all about it here:

Who could say no to such a friendly invitation?
Whoa! Super nice landscaping of this natural outdoor onsen. Ricky and Haruka made a completely new bath in a totally different landscape.
Very nicely integrated into the landscape shower with nice anims. As always I switched my viewer to parcel windlight settings in order to experience it as intended by the builders/admins. And I gotta say this WL didn’t work for me here, so far down the valley, surrounded by steep cliffs.
The fountain is a nice detail with some cool anims. I’d still wished for more light.
After a while the enchanting Ricky joins me in the bath and shows me all the hidden anims. Remember, I complained about the outdated balls at my last visit … and H&R reacted with concise action and got rid of those. I feel so powerful as a blogger now. =^.^=
Meanwhile I got rid of the darkness and switched to standard SL noon, so you can see something in the pics. 😉
See the coloured reflections on the water surface? This is a really creative and different onsen, hardly comparable to most others with their more traditional approach. And since Ricky’s partner Haruka is a real original Japanese woman I guess it’s more than okay … on kinda meta level.

For a nice chat and more there is this cuddly gazebo up on the cliffs, overlooking the onsen. Needless to say the sofa is chockful with sexy anims. 😉

CONCLUSION: I enjoyed this visit to H&R Paradise Onsen much better than the first time. Instead of just replacing the pose balls with something more modern, the girls really went to town and gave us a completely new build. And it turned out great. I’d say of all the non-traditional onsens H&R has climbed to the top of my list. If I had a partner or fuck buddy in SL I’d know where to take her for a relaxed – yet sexy – delightful afternoon.

Like so?

No! More like so …


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