Some people’s kids still think they need their office documents to be 100% compatible with Microsoft Office. Ya, I know, it’s a stupid and not really well thought out argument but … oh well. Particularly that these people’s kidz now think they can’t never ever use Linux because of this incompatibility, is really really sad. Isn’t it?

But now good news. Microserfs may rejoice in lieu of this not really exciting newness:

Shit ain’t even Open Source. :/ But you can download it directly from the article.

But hey, if you’re in need of 100% compability Softmaker’s FreeOffice is kinda the only viable option for you. Have fun with it. But please don’t forget there is no standard! Just because everybody’s telling you the proprietary .doc format by the private company Microsoft is the standard, doesn’t make it more true. I can remember a time when publishers only accepted manuscripts in .rtf format, a real open source file format that practically each and every word processor can handle without problems. It used to be a real standard until the stupid amateurs with their preinstalled Windows machines and no idea about file management took over even the professional world. 😮

Download here! But don’t think you get it without accepting the friggin’ EULA. 😦

Well, I’m stubborn. I write all my offline texts in .rtf and will never use any Microsoft closed wall format.

And everybody who complains about it is a dummy. =^.^⁼


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