More Positive News

All is right in the world today!

\o/ YAY! \o/ Fuk yeah!

What a milestone on the way to defeat ISIS and drive them out of Syria. What a great win for Syrian and Russian troops on the ground. Or at least it could be if not …

Oh, those guys. šŸ˜¦

… some revisionist sponsors of the “moderate rebels”/ISIS would declare the win for themselves. :/

To be fair, Trump cut all of our funding to the “moderate rebels” that was inevitably going to ISIS. So in a way isn’t *not funding them anymore* the same as beating them? :^)

What did we learn from this?

When you’re a terrorist you’re nothing but a useful idiot for Washington, and they will hang you out to dry as soon as the wind blows in the other direction.

Excuse me a moment please … I gotta throw up now …


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