Linux Mint 19 – Some Factoids

Direct from the horse’s mouth

This might be of some interest for all of you, looking for your first distro to tap your feet in the water of the vast Linux ocean with and … ugh, who am I kiddin’? This is mainly for Jackie, the girl with so many handles. Yeah, Linux Mint 19 is cumming! It’s not here yet but you can download the beta and upgrade to the full release version later (sorry, only internally for team members) without much of a hassle. Mhm, the boyz n gurls around Clem are so friendly, servicing the lazy user is always their first priority. So, let’s just wait it out until the beta or the release version become officially available.

All the usual good reasons do apply

First things first, no, Number 19 won’t come with any breathtakingly fresh and revolutionary features but will mainly concentrate on the small stuff and tweakings here and there. So expect even more polish and user friendliness and expect to leave Ubuntu even further behind in the dust.

Mint 19 is, like all Mint versions since #17, based on Ubuntu LTS releases, so it’s a very stable and secure system you’re getting!

Oh Tara, me Irish lassie …

And I’m hearing rumours about their adorable Debian based system LMDE getting revamped to LMDE 3. \o/ YAY! \o/ If you know Debian’s glacerial development speed and how long it took Mint to jump from version 2 to 3, you’ll know what you’re buying into with LMDE: Rock Solid Stable! No more, no less. If I was to set up a server for the Mars exploration spaceships, LMDE would prolly be my first choice. Oh, and it’s also a tad faster than its Ubuntu based siblings. In further good news, the  devs are trying to make the Debian version even more closer to the Ubuntu version so the look and feel should be nearly identical and the user should get the same fantabulous ease of use and creature comforts as in their main, Ubuntu based, version. Let Robin ramble about his favourite MX 18 Debian system. It’s still not as Minty fresh as LMDE and misses a lot of the fairie dust. Needless to say that your editrix uses LMDE2 since years, as her first response kit in case of critally broken software and other emergencies. Of course for joy and giggles and as her daily rider she’s always on some sort of Arch Linux system. But, hey, the LMDE stick is always in my pocket when traveling the world … as I do right now.

Power of Debian, luxury of Mint: LMDE is always a good choice!

Sorry KDE fraggles, from what I hear the Minty team have stopped support of the KDE desktop. Dunno why exactly but they sure have one or two super geekish reasons to  do so. Also, and now it’s time for another \o/ YAY! \o/, they won’t do a version with Gnome 3 DE! That’s a clear and powerful statement, and showing some spine in these times of wibbly-wobblyness and hunt for the latest fad. Shows that the Minty team are obviously a bit older and much wiser than your average corporate slave millenial.

Ya ya, GTK 3. Made by the same asshats who make Gnome3 but if you really want it …

So, what is there not to like about the upcoming Mint 19/LMDE 3? It will be as adorable as all its predecessors in its own humble and unexcited way. Love it aready. Will most deffo try it out once it’s released. And so should you!

LTS means Mint 19 will be supported until May 2023

Ok, this wouldn’t be Thar She Blows! without some definite recommendation, so here’s what you all should/must/will do.

  • Don’t worry but keep on consumating the Orcablog on a daily base.
  • Wait for Orca’s release message of Linux Mint 19, respectively LMDE 3.
  • Follow the instructions. Which? Orca’s and the Mint team’s.
  • What should you use, Tara or LMDE3? Matter of taste, really. Orca would go with LMDE but the decison is yours as there are still some small differences in between both versions and the Ubuntu-based Mint 19 has much more users, a greater fan base and is probably better supported. If you know what you’re doing you should go with LMDE, as a total n00b stick to Tara.
  • You  know I won’t rest until each and everyone of you guys have been converted to Linux, and I will go on with nerve wrecking shitposts like this. So you may as well do the big switcheroo from Winapple to Linux now, nownow-ish, with Mint 19. Because you can’t escape the barrage anyway. Exciting times we live in, right?
Linux Mint: Always a good choice


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