A YouTube Comment

Ohayo peepels. 😉

I just stumbled over an unrelated comment on a unrelated (but nevertheless very interesting) YouTube Linux vid and wanted to show it to you guys:


Linux is holier than Windows.

The good Marko makes a very good point here. Don’t we all have that little devil inside of us, saying that free stuff ain’t good stuff and hardly even worth putting it in your pocket? And haven’t we all been proven wrong countless times by the amazing quality of Second Life freebies? And aren’t we proven wrong each and every fukn day when we start our amazing Linux powered computers? Let’s not forget, the GNU/Linux operating system and all the thousands of additional softwares and apps that come with it didn’t and don’t cost you a single woolong!

Total n00bs, beginners and clueless housewifes otoh might not know it. Or they can’t appreciate the fact. But put them in a store and tell them to chose a operating system for their new computer. And then have a handful Linux distros, pressed on DVDs and packed in fancy boxes, sharing the shelf space with closed source shit, put a price on them and see what happens then.

Linux is nicer.
Linux gives you wings.

Yes, and why not follow Marko’s example and make them even more expensive than Windows and MacOS? Because a higher price signals higher quality, more fanciness and more fashionable items, right? The product instantly becomes more adorable and a must have item, you see?

Linux is coolio!

Of course not all Linuxes do apply, but a handful of polished, well-implemented distros are absolutely ready for primetime, even more so than their commercial counterparts, so no Linux distro “owner” must even have a bad conscience. Heck, they can sell the additional softwares such as Libre Office, GIMP, Qbittorrent, VLC and some others, for reduced prices of, let’s say, 50 woolong per item, and we have a clear winner on our hands. A complete, troublefree PC infrastructure for less than 100 woolong! Available at every brick and mortar store around the country. Sooo fukn convenient. Who could possibly say No to something like that?

Linux fixes everythin

And then, to top it all of, have all the hardware manufacturers remove Microsoft Windows from their machines. In fact don’t put any preinstalled shit on them at all. See what I’m getting at? Remove the pre-installed convenience factor and Microsoft Windows’ overbearing presence from the market, and level the playing field. That’s all we want. No favours, no advances, just a level playground.Hey, Linux can even be put in a worse situation by leaving it as a Free and Open Source system, just put in in boxes and distribute them in stores and on Amazon …

And let’s see who wins the biggest slice of the marketshare cake then.

Linux is fashionable and hip!


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