Packing Our Shit

Yeah, it’s Wednesday. We’ll leave for Germany tomorrow. And were just starting now, and in a very relaxed manner, to get our stuff together. And, even more importantly, hiding valuable stuff that stays behind. Let’s have, for example, a look at my workdesk …


… which has turned into a little chaos. Already have disconnected MiniMe and Gaga, so I can store them in secret hideyholes around the place. MiniMax stays of course connected up to the last minute, cause I must be able to blog. And watch videos tonight.


MiniMax, my whole pride and joy, will go into hiding at the last minute, tomorrow evening. The Yamaha mini hifi will also be packed away … or stay in place. Hmm, not sure yet. :/

OrcNet isn’t packed yet neither since it’s getting charged a last time before the flight.

Overall I can say we are much more relaxed than in our early years living here. The complex is much more secure now, so we’ll leave a lot of stuff visible around the house and just hide the more expensive shit. Tee hee, in the first couple years we organized a kinda armory where we collected everything we wanted to take on the trip, already weeks before the flight date. Nowadays we just throw some stuff in a little backpack + a shoulder bag. Both won’t be checked in but go as onboard baggage with us. We’re traveling fairly minimalistic these days. sticks

A  small collection of USB sticks will accompany us to the old world: Namib GNU/Linux, music collection, Linux Mint 18.3, and some movies and TV series. Thats basically all we might need. Hmmm, probably not even taking our small external hard drive with us this time. Gotta see what hubby thinks about my plan … as he is the IT mastermind of our little family.

Apart from that we’re already kinda good to go. And that like already 36 hours or so before lift off.


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