*EDIT* Fuk! :o Did You Know That … *EDIT*

Syfy has cancelled my favourite TV show The Expanse after only 3 three seasons, and with so much more stuff about to happen? That’s so mean. 😮 As a fan of the novels I was really quite satisfied with how well SyFy adopted them for the small screen. And as a fan of the novels I also know that the really intriguing stuff is only about to start where season 3 left us hanging …

Sorry to ask so harshly, but are the program managers at SyFy fukn’ nutz? This was finally a show to lift SyFy out from the shit tier and make them a respectable channel. Everything could have been so fine. Yes, of course The Expanse was probably a bit more expensive to produce than their usual crap but I guess it must have made sense, also on a business level. Now just stopping it in the middle of the action is a coward’s move.

Those fukn wankers are worserer than the protomolecule. :.(


How dare they cancel this?

Yes, maybe that show needed dragons. =^.^=



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