Drivers of SL: Huh?

OMG, what was that please?

Today I tried again to continue solving the riddle around my kidnapped “assistant” Geopina, her shady brother Maddog and the really evil agent Foxclaw. So, after a lot of searching I found Singh Automotive and entered the store for the umpteenth time …
… trampled on the VW bug with my high heels and waited for Foxclaw to arrest and send me to jail again. Must find out what to do with that fukn briefcase and how to free the poor Geospina. 😦
But after an eternity of fukn forever still nothing happens. My hands are still down and no threatening messages from the Agent. Slowly I’m getting bored. Cannot scroll forward in the nav hud, so I guess Singh Auto is indeed the final destination. :/
After frustratedly clicking aound in the nav hud rather aimlessly, finally this pops up in my local chat …

Wot? Bitch please. Don’t tell me this was the whole adventure? What is with Agent Foxclaw’s briefcase, where’s Geospina, what the fuk is with Maddog, who shot down the gov’ment plane? And don’t give me the lame “the Russians did it!” excuse; it was funny for a whle but now it’s just old and silly. Besides I was busy giving head to Putin all the time, so he’s guilty af but not of shooting down any planes. I suppose it was that fukker Foxclaw and his bullies who did it but I don’t have the means to prove anything. 😦

At least I’m supposed to have received two cars. Whoopdeedoo. 😦 I don’t fukin need any more vehicles, I want answers! No, I demand them!

What an anticlimactic ending to this non-adventure by the Drivers of SL club. After building up so much suspiction and quite an elaborative plot and three characters this all just goes p00f? Peepels, this is even worse than SW Ep 8. 😦

Will I join the next drive? Fuk yeah! Of course I will. Because the driving portion was really a nice route and super relaxative fun. Just a hint more relaxing and I would’ve crapped my panties. 😮


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