ZZ Sent Me Another Prettyful Boat

I haven’t unpacked yet. Of course not. ZZ and Sapphy are sending out so much stuff one would be busy the whole day unboxing and testing their cool stuffz. But today I couldn’t resist when I read the name on the gift box: East River. Yeah, the home of the East River Community and right next to the home of Lucy and Sammie in the Little East River. A name that woke sentimental, nostalgic emotions in me. So I had to have a look at it, I just had to!

\o/ YAY! \o/

Everybody knows Orca’s a fan of plastic fantastic race yachts and despises old wood but it’s gotta be said, the East River looks pretty neat for an oldtimer. No, I didn’t unbox it but we can see from the model already how sleek she is, how elegant the lines are. She looks like a great boat, a good and steady – and fast – sailor rather than just a fashion statement.

Will for sure test her out whenever I feel like sailing again. Thank you very much, ZZ and Sapphy. Love ya both xxoxoxo


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