Orca’s Confuzerisered. :o

Got a new Gimp. While this should usally be a reason to go all \o/ YAY! \o/, for your editrix it was a rather stressful process. At least in my Namib GNU/Linux operating system it was. Getting it was easy, as the Gimp comes like all the other software updates bundled with a general update from upstream Arch Linux or the Namib maintainer.

But then: Started it because I needed it to cut a photo into a smaller piece but nothing happened. WTF? I’ve seen it being downloaded onto my machine just a couple minutes ago, didn’t I? Why don’t it start? Why can’t I even find it in the file system? What sort of dark sorcery is going on here? Someone upstream of me must’ve phuked up majorly. Well, I don’t wanna bore you but with some intelligent, but non-geeky, trickery and crisis management I finally got the new Gimp version 2.10 to start …

Start-up screen looks really professional n stuff …

… and, oh wow, that shit looks just great. Slowly the whole Linux infrastructure looses its amateurish charme and tries to emulate the newest fashion trends of the Windows and Mac worlds.

… the usability is a bit weird in the begining.

But Orca isn’t the fastest on the uptake, so it took me the better part of 5 minutes to find the icon that lets me cut graphics to size. You see, that is pretty much all I use Gimp for, make screenshots fit for the blog. Yes, I know it’s total overkill to use a mighty tool like Gimp for such kiddieshit. So what? Sue me. At least the last three blog entries relied heavily on me cutting portions out of screenshots and photos. So, no matter how simple and simpleminded my usage is – it’s fukn important for Thar She Blows!. And the Gimp does its job admirably.

Anyhoo, can’t tell you much about what’s new in Gimp 2.10 and where it’s improved over older versions. But I guess there’s obviously some new functionality and the Gimp is slowly getting closer to the old stalwart of graphical fiddling, PhotoShop. I know many people are already using Gimp in a professional capacity, so with the new 2.10 it should be even professionallerer. 😉

And of course the mighty Gimp is Free and Open Source, like almost all Linux softwares!

So when swapping your Win/Mac environment for GNU/Linux you get a whole plethora of useable software products also for free. Stuff you’d have to pay hundreds, even thousands of woolong for in the commercial world. And it all works pretty fine. Is it polished and tricked out as its pay-for siblings? No, not always. But often it’s even betterer! So you can’t go wrong when swapping to Linux.

Just wanted to let you know about the new goodness.

Of course YouTube is already full with reviews and manuals and how-tos …



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