Buyer Beware

HadesThumbOh you guys. I’m so sorry. Wasn’t I fangurling about the Intel Hades Canyon NUC and what a nifty litle machine it is with its world first Intel/AMD coop and stuff? Well, now Lon of Lon.TV reviewed the machine as well and was altogether pretty positive about it.


With one exception: Don’t expect the AMD graphics to work with Linux! 😮

Jump to minute 8:48 in the video for more detailed info.

That doesn’t mean you can’t power this NUC with Linux, it’ll just switch back to Intel’s onboard graphics solution. And that we can have much much cheaper. Lon thinks it’s just a software problem that will be solved in a future update. But for now I would refrain from sinking about 1000 woolong into this little wonder.

So, what now? What does this mean for you and me? LOL, AMD graphics working wonky in Linux is old news, right?

So for now I’d say forget this new Intel/AMD partnership and stick with Nvidia for SL/gaming on Linux. Or, if you don’t need the absolute graphics power, your usual Intel chips will do as well as a AMD processor paired with Nvidia graphics. In both cases you’ll get a cheaper computer with probably more power. Will it be as small and cool as the Intel Hades Canyon NUC? Unfortunately not, but it will have more power. And for our envisioned goal, to get a kinda priceworthy Linux testing machine, there are hundreds of better – and cheaper – solutions for you.

Here, just because I’m a showoff and love to brag, lemme show you how you not only test – but use – Linux distros effectively. Without risk and without jeopardizing your traditional Windows system:

Gaga and MiniMe, Lenovo M73 and M90 repectively. Two cheap as fuk but perfectly serviceable little desktop komputahz, perfect for Linux. And faster than ever before!

Can’t do much wrong with 2nd hand Lenovo machines. It’s the profeshunal’s choice! 🙂



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