Ban Spanish!

A new Millenial story to shake your heads to:

Shake it, baby, shake it now

Öh. :/ What please? Some points if I may:

  • Learning a new (for you) language isn’t cultural appropriation, it helps communicating with people in other countries. Communication is good, no? It also helps with cultural appropriation but that’s just a side effect. 😉
  • Yes, I’m aware of weeaboos but, sorry, they are their own problem. Not ours. And least of all not a problem for the Japanese people.
  • Spanish isn’t another issue, it’s just another language which is useful to learn.
  • Spanish got its name from Spain, a country in South-West Europe and is in so far a very European language.
  • Spanish is naturally spoken worldwide, a lingua franca if there ever was one. Learning it is hardly cultural appropriation.
  • Spanish is a white language.
  • Why appropriate the German culture now? Germany is the whorehouse of the world since the great exoduses. There is nothing left to appropriate anymore.
  • Natural Spanish speakers outnumber German and English speakers by multitudes, they are hardly a minority.
  • You could even define English as an appropriation of German since both are Indo-Germanic languages. Brits, kiwis, ozzies, ‘muricans, saffas, stop that! We Germans don’t appreciate your appropriation! Go, make your own language!
  • No matter if you’re in college or high school, being able to communicate in whatever third language is indeed a reason to be proud. And it helps with international cooperation, understanding other cultures and appropriate them. And with world peace. But nobody wants that, right?


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  1. The most important languages to learn in society today are global..the ones your computer speaks..I would recommend python for example as a second language if you want to participate in future communications with everyone and every thing.

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