My Wallpaper

My wallpaper is also a mission statement, a declaration, a creed and, yes, a bit of well-meaning propaganda too:

I’m so happy and proud of my cool OS. 🙂

This is a screenshot of my very own main machine. It shows what operating system I’m using, and which distribution of Linux in particular. Yes, I’m powered by Arch Linux. When it states Quality Distro and For The Community By The Comunity it’s not even a lie. Compared to many other Linux distros, particularly Ubuntu, Red Hat and SuSE, I don’t know of anyone with commercial interests in this particular brand of Linux. It’s not even controlled by one of the big commercial brands, unlike Fedora. It’s really as it says, for and by the community.

Maybe I need to mention that I’m specifically on Namib GNU/Linux, which does in fact belong to the Arch Linux family tree. And Namib is very close to the upstream, the real thing, the pure vanilla Arch. Indeed much closer than Manjaro or even Antergos.

That wallpaper is wrong in one aspect tho: Arch Linux is far from being the No. 1 Brand. But if you care to take a closer look at the recent DistroWatch ranking …

The Top Hits of the last 6 mth.

… you’ll notice that Manjaro has conquered the #1 spot. And Manjaro is, as we all now, a branch of the Arch Linux tree. Well done, “Little” PhilM and friends, and a very well earned position. It shows you did a lot of things absolutely right.

It’s typically tho, ain’t it? As soon as Orca leaves the Manjaro tribe behind and aims for greener pastures, Manjaro makes another jump in the general interest and pushes Mint off the pedestal. Of course this will probably change back once Linux Mint releases its version 19 by the end of the month. Needless to even look for my Namib distro in the list. I guess it’s not even accepted yet for entry and is used by only a small handful super geeky users. LOL, as if. 🙂 Because if it were for geeks I wouldn’t be using it.

Also worth taking note of is the number of other Arch based distros inside the Top 100 list. For example we’ll find Antergos on #9, Arch on #13, ArchLabs #39, Bluestar #40, Archbang #58, BlackArch #65 and SwagArch on #66. Archman follows on #69 and Artix brings up the rear end on #96. That’s quite some allegedly complicated and geeky Archies in a top favourites list, isn’t it?

\o/ YAY! \o/

Anyhoo, I’m so happy to know that my two (kinda) most favourite Linux distros, Manjaro and Mint, are in number 1 and 2 spots. Shows you it’s sometimes not too stupid if you follow Orca’s recommendations. And, yes, I know a small minority of my readers are still on Windows and Mac. Well, too bad. Sorry, I tried to help you, and will continue doing so; but if you won’t be helped you can’t be helped.




  1. Is commercial aspect REALLY so disgusting/contemptible? I know, ideologically it is, who will fight for purity and openness and unicorns if not us, but taking it to extreme also causes our beloved bestest os linux to be on 1 or 2% of world’s comps only 😦 Even super over commercial MacOS fares much better. The two extremes, MacOS and Linux, couldn’t there b smth in between? Mr Shuttleworth raised linux to heights by adding little commerce, developed almost professional dm (I know u scorn unity ☺), ruled 4 sometime and fell; mr. Google took linux, tweaked it into Android and crushed rivals on smartphones. It is possible, with slightly changed attitude and little commerce.
    And that’s, like, my opinion; because I think your clever

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    • Hi Sunita,
      thx for writing in. No, commerce ain’t bad per se, we all gotta live and for that we need to make some money. But, honestly, eventhough I recommend Linux to everybody I’m not very interested in its general marketshare. If Linux is on 2 or 20 or 200 percent of all computers doesn’t make a difference to me personally. Neither should it to anybody.

      And let’s not forget we’re already suffering the first consequences of crass capitalism and commerce in the Linux world. Microsoft is infiltrating Linux via membership in the Linux and Open Source foundations, and through funding RHEL, who in return are giving us the terrible anti-freedom Gnome3 and GTK3. Think about it when your favourite desktop theme breaks the next time … and nobody cares.

      Anyhoo, thanks for thinking I’m clever. But you’re wrong. I might be decently intelligent; clever I am not! Because if I were I’d be rich and live on Sir Richard Branson’s neighbour island in the carribean. And I’d give a fuk about GNU/Linux. 🙂

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      • Oh, and talking about Shuttleworth, I guess he was much richer before he started his Linux adventure. I don’t have any figures and it may very well be that he rakes in millions with Ubuntu support but I don’t think so. I think there is some panic going on at Canonical right now. The move to Gnome3 will break their business.

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      • Since I have burnt 2 notebooks and smartphone in last couple of months due to electricity fluctuations, breaking of my favourite desktop theme would not be such a disaster.

        So mr. Shuttleetc is poor now… well, if nothing else, losing money is good test of moral integrity.

        I go to google, i mean to duckduck who is Sir Richard Branson


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