Drivers of SL: Orca in a Proverbial Cul-de-sac

We remember I was arrested by Agent Foxclaw and force-TPd to some weird space somewhere in the void sky far away from Acacia Falls. So today I just TPd away and tried again to grab Geopina’s cellphone from Singh’s Automotive shop.

So, when I logged in today …

… I found myself still in the same bad situation from which I escaped temporarily yesterday. Agent Foxclaw ain’t a nice man. He told me that he tricked Geopina and me both into shooting down some gov’ment airplane, and Maddog stole his briefcase. Foxclaw wants it back and knows that I have it. But as I said he’s evil so I don’t wanna give it to him! So I TPed just back to Acacia Falls …
… and tried again to grab Geopina’s cellphone. With the same reslut: Hands up, arrest, TP into the void. 😦 That’s now the second time and I still don’t have Geo’s fukn phone. 😮
Ok, everything back and start again. I’m now lingering outside of Singh’s Automotive and have no idea what to do. Also no idea how to hand the fukn briefcase over to Foxclaw even if I wanted to. Do we sense a pattern here?


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