Drivers of SL: Leaving Mainland

Ohayo, friends of the SL vehicles.

Last episode saw me picking up Maddogs briefcase from the Moci Picnic area and getting ready to continue along the roads on Heterocera Atoll. Let’s see what happens next:

Today I thought why not using my old VW camper bus for this next part of the hunt for Geospina and her kidnapper, Agent Foxclaw.
I guess since the group is called Drivers of SL, there is no reason why I shouldn’t enjoy the beauty of the road and the landscapes around me. Indeed the cobblestone road makes the whole task appear more like a vacation drive than a hardboiled detective drama.
I even take my time to explore tiny details along the road, like for example the cat hungrily eying a raven.
I love dunes in RL, so I’m pretty smitten by this seaside parcel.
And, as if to remind us that Heterocera is the main hub for all things railways, we come across railway crossings from time to time. The HUD is showing me where to go, mostly just straight, and I won’t receive any more narration or tasks for quite some time. It really feels like a holiday outing.
It even becomes a bit boring after a while, and so I take my time to rez another vehicle. After having quite enough of my camper’s bad sim crossings I decide to rez its much smaller minime version. 😉
And again, after feeling too silly in the microbus, I rez the Chevy Spark that I loved so much in a vehicle test a while ago …
Interesting roads around here, no? Anyway, it seems we’ve reached the next destination …
… TAG Public Airport, where the sinister Agent Foxclaw is supposedly holding poor little Geospina hostage.
Whoa, wot’z all dat? Flying warships, an illegal prim mine …
Ah, a gendarmerie station. \o/ Maybe I should alarm them about illegal activities at their airport? Naaaw! Agent Foxclaw is a government man, so he obviously has the local fuzz on his payroll. Let’s face it, I’m holding the shorter end of the straw. :/
Oh, maybe this incongruously looking building is where Foxclaw keeps Geospina. The barrier hints on hightened security and dark gov’ment shit. I open it and drive onto the parcel …
… only to be kicked out by an annoyed security system. After I return my car is unresponsive so I rez a new one. And now, only now, I remember having read something about ‘drive down the ramp’. And looksee what we have here! 😉
On the lower level I find a suspicious warehouse …
… and receive some more instructions by Maddog. You reading that? I’m too late and they have already taken Geospina from the airport to a place called Acacia Falls. Foxclaw obviously knows Maddog and me are in hot pursuit of him, so he changes his hideyholes accordingly. Oh, Geospina, what sort of trubbel did you get yourself into, girl?
Okee. super. :/ I can take some free vehicles and houses. After a short inspection I decide I don’t need any of those, so … I follow Maddog’s further instructions and don’t drive but TP to Acacia Falls, a not too big private estate somewhere in the vast Second Life void.
After arriving at the landing point I rez my cool old ’57 BelAir (an old TrYC group gift by Charlz), and decide to ride in style, as the whole estate seems to be rather upscale as well.
The car is rather spunky, so it must be serverside lag that won’t let me cross region borders.
After countless attempts I finally pass that hurdle and can recon the urban area of Acacia Falls.
The lag makes it pretty hard to even follow the simple directions by the nav hud, so I guess I’ve missed some opportunities to turn … or so.
But finally I see the signage of the ‘I Scream’ Ice Cream Parlour and even manage to park my fancy Chevy in a kinda correct way … after 10 attempts.
So, here we are finally. Hopefully I’ll meet Maddog inside the café, so I can scream at him for dragging me into this troublesome affair.
But no. Of course there is no Maddog showing up, but just some excuses and more instructions. Fukker stood me up! 😦 Me, the empress of SL. Me, his last hope. Me, the voice of the masses! A champion of the people! How dare he?
At least he promises to call me in a couple minutes. Meanwhile I’m supposed to drive to Singh Automobiles and find Geospina’s phone, that she dropped near a white VW Beetle. Moment please … if he knows all these things, why doesn’t he go himself to pick it up? Am I his nesquick, picking up all the shit Geospina and Maddog are dropping? Am I a pansy, presenting myself openly to Foxclaw’s people while Geo and Maddog are goofing off somewhere?
Just to make it unmistakingly clear: I’ll have some choice words for the both of ’em! Should I survive this adventure in the first place that is. :/ Oh, btw, I’ve swaped vehicles back to the humble but chic Dash because that thing is so very unlaggy.
Then finally I turn into the gas station which is my waypoint. I’m instructed to park the car here …
… and go into the Singh Automotives store. It’s obviously not our good old Strawberry but some other Singh family member, bur that’s not important right now. Now I gotta locate the white Beetle, no problemo. And as I’m just setting up the photoshoot of me, the VW Beetle and Geo’s cellphone … I get a message that I’ve been sent to jail by Agent Foxclaw. 😦 What the? Foxclaw, you unbelievable asshole, don’t you know who I am? I’m a bonafide Second Life VIB, a Very Important Blogger n stuff! How dare you treating me like a fukn criminal??? How the fuk dare you? Of course I decide I won’t have that and TP right back to the Singh vehicle store …
Bildschirmfoto zu 2018-05-11 10-34-46
… only to find myself forcefully logged out by The Lab. 😮

Geospina, Maddog and Agent Foxclaw. Are they maybe all working together? And is The Lab in bed with them? Do I smell a conspiracy of epic dimensions? With me as the victim. Or am I just drifting into the realm of paranoia? I mean how am I not to become a little bit paranoid with a formidable and fierce adversary like Agent Foxclaw.

Anyhoo, I’m done for today. Next chapter of my wild goose hunt tomorrow.



    • That may be so, Foneco, but my ride was cut short by a very unimpressive ending and a plot that went nowhere. :/ And, believe it or not, up to now I was too lazy and always had other things to do then engaging in another grid ride. :/


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