… are nifty things I guess. Remarkably well built and cheap their only downside is the limited memory (viva the cloud) and that they run on Google Chrome instead of a real Linux.

And while the first problem ain’t fixable that easy, one can work around the second problem. There are ways to get rid of Chrome OS and install Linux proper on these machines, so I hear. Anyway, however, now Google made a big step in the right direction …

That’s almost too good to be true

If this works out the way we imagine it, it’s good news for the not-so-casual computer user. Even the king of the cloud, Google has noticed that most power users prefer to have their data and their software local, and don’t do everything in the cloud. It’s about time they did something to accomodate these more earnest users as well.

Do you like to get lured?

Me, I’m not so sure. Yes, it sounds like just what the doctor ordered, saves you a lot od experimenting and frustration with Linux install on your Chromebook … but still: Chrome OS ain’t a proper Linux, it’s closed source and mostly nothing but a Chrome web browser pretending to be a full OS.

Plus it’s all optimized for being online 24/7.

And that is weird, since it’s not a desktop computer but a laptop thingie. And here my personal problem starts. When I’m using my lappy accordingly, which means when I’m on the road or otherwise traveling, I won’t always have internet access available to me and need to be able to work offline. To some extent Google’s trying to cover this by giving us access to a restricted amount of Linux apps.

Hmmm …

Bravo! (Notice the sarcasm).

But again: We don’t know yet what apps will be accessible and in how far real work, like in a real Linux system, will be possible on Chromebooks. Asking me … no, please don’t ask me, this is a question only you can answer! Well, but if you’d ask me I’d say No, don’t do it! Don’t jump on the hype train. Google is basically not to be trusted. They want your data and they do their bestest/wurstest to get it out of you. Remember: You are the product!

Get yeself a (used) Lenovo ThinkPad, put your Linux of choice on it and be done with all that Google shit. Voila, the most elegant solution to a non-existing problem. Better quality than a Chromebook, a real proper Linux installation, and no fukn spyware.

And it’s all yours. You are responsible for the health and happiness of your hard- and software, you control everything, you run the fukn freakshow!

Orca loves using her computers offline, far away from Internet access.

Oh, btw, I don’t like the term apps. For me it’s software programs.

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