Drivers of SL: Onward Bound

Ohayo, fellow treasure hunters,

since I wasn’t really up to contine my adventure yesterday I had originally planned to do a really long portion of the cruise today. But as soon as I logged on … fukn house cleaner arrived. With her toddler. 😮 You know what that means, dontcha? Yes, concentration and focus flying outta the window and you can’t get anything done in peace and quiet. 😦

So today just a short part of the way. At least I ended up at Moci’s Picnic Area where I was able to find and collect another piece of the puzzle …

Remember, I was still at the Mole Mart where I ended the last portion of my cruise. Here I rerezz for today’s etappe.
It’s gotta be said, for really delightful sunday cruises you won’t find better, more picturesque roads than on the Heterocea Atoll.
If that isn’t the infamous Firefly class space freighter “Serenity”. Unfortunately I don’t have time for a visit. I’m on a mission! Don’t know the objective yet but I guess it’s about finding and freeing Geospina and get her out of the claws of lying gov’ment agent Foxclaw.
I guess time is of the essence, so I drive my little girly convertible at almost breakneck pedestrian speeds …
… into the sunset on the beautiful atoll. The path is very easy to follow today, and the NAV hud does its job adorably accurate. I don’t even make the hud visible for you. It’s rather boring, mostly just going straight.
The Dash is a rather slow car but at least it won’t slow down further when going uphill.
Bildschirmfoto zu 2018-05-08 09-35-23
Despite my moderate driving speed one particularly nasty sim border picks me up and tosses me through the sky for what appears to be an eternity. Well, almost half a minute I guess. Bad enuff, no?
Finally I reach the waypoint at Moci’s Picnic Area and, following Maddog’s instructions, leave the car and get on with the detective part of my assignment.
You reading that? Picnic table: Check. Group of rocks: Check. Briefcase: Nowhere to be found! 😮
But on  the other side of the road, behind another group of smaller rocks, there it is! \o/ YAY! \o/ That was almost too easy, no? So in order to collect the briefcase I just gotta walk over it and it lands automatically in my inv. Easy peasy lemon squeazy. 😉

Yes, I know I wanted to do a longer part of the route today but as it so happened with all the vacuuming and cryin’ toddler sounds it’s not easy to focus. Will try to log back in, in the afternoon. Until then gonna play with that kid and make her shut up. 🙂

CYA laterz. xxooxoso


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