04:27 A.M.: Getting There.


\o/ YAY! \o/ Finally tucked hubby in and got time for my own business. It seems I got my shit together and am fully ready for everything the interwebz is throwing at me and my MiniMax. Installed Nvidia driver and SL viewer(s):

Told ya I’m stupid. And very stubborn! So of course I tried again to install my adorable Singularity Alpha viewer. Install from AUR werkz great. But viewer won’t start. 😮
More luck with fukn Firestorm/Phoenix. Still no clue what so many ppl love about this viewer. It’s fukn convoluted and illogical alright. A bit better in Phoenix mode. So it’ll do. It’s … what’s the English term, “serviceable”? :/
And there I am, in world at the famous Mole Market, and ready to continue my Drivers of SL cruise/investigation/adventure/assignment. Of course I’m too tired by now and my head’s fukn assplodin’, so I guess I’ll better continue the ride in a few hours … after a generous portion of sleep. But at least I know my system is ready to spring into action at any time again. Pheew … 🙂


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