Orca is a Dummes Ding. :(

Was playing operating in my personal file system and mucked up my good Arch Linux operating system. Irretrievably of course. 😮

Screenshot at 2018-05-07 16-28-47
Reinstalling Namib GNU/Linux is no problem at all …

So I had to reinstall the whole computer. Still busy tweaking all the small parts to my personal workflow and preferences but at leat, as you can see, Thar She Blows! is fully restored and back in action.

My data loss isn’t as bad neither, since I’m keeping all my important data on external hard drives. So all I’ve lost are all the graphics and photos I used in my blog during April and May. Shit, I should do backups more regularly I guess. But anyway, I keep those only for sentimental reasons, as I’ve never really look into all that old shit.

Bildschirmfoto zu 2018-05-07 17-18-19
… but getting everything set up to my personal liking might take some time.

Oh btw, Sammie, today’s system failure was caused in full by my own Dummheit. So, no, you mustn’t talk trash about GNU/Linux. It’s innocent. So, basta!

Ok, now it’s already 18:53 h and I don’t think I’ll continue my Drivers of SL adventure today. But tomorrow for sure!

But I didn’t spend the whole day with ruining my main computer, as you might have thought. No, I was indeed a bit RL busy, running errands. For example …

Was at my mechanic and saw there the most silly Toyota ever. The FJ model looks a bit like a shrunken Hummer, and is of the same useless mindset. But the license plate is quite cool, no?
Oubaas is still as fugly as on day one …
… but I wouldn’t wanna swap him for this miniscule VW T3.
SD reader
Also had to get a new SD card reader, since the old one broke just recently. Fukn cheapo China shit. 😦

CYA tomorrow, my lovelies. xoxoxo

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