Drivers of SL

On the parking lot of Aluveaux Technologies I can use a rezzer to get a free van.

Huh? WTF?

Ohayo, my favourite samurais!

Here, the black one’s mine. And in local chat I can read all the instructions by Geospina and that I need to hurry and watch out for suspicious person in a black van …

Drivers of SL doesn’t relate to the bestest and latest drivers for your Nvidia and AMD graphic cards. I guess (hope) you’re all sorted in that regard and update/upgrade your shit accordingly.

So if it’s not about drivers, what is it then?

Black van? Jeeze. 😮 I’m so in shock I drive the van into a ditch.

Well, it is about drivers.

Human/avatarish drivers, drivers of vehicles in SL. And Drivers of SL is a group in SL, a free-to-join group that sends you out on missions … hey, don’t ask too much, I was just intrigued when Kittensusie told me about the group. Because I know the good old Susan would never join any boring group but always go for the fun- and action filled stuff. That’s why I joined and am now myself in the middle, or beginning, of this week’s mission/cruise/scavenger hunt. So I have no clue when it ends, for how long it’s supposed to run, when I’m supposed to finish with it and what the big objective is. I’ll just do as I do with everything else in life: I go with the flow.

No, I guess it’s much rather the lag in this area of the Heterocera atoll. My second loaner ends up in exactly the same ditch as the first one …

So when I open the latest group notice and notecard I receive a HUD. And by activating it a story unfolds before my very eyes: A certain Geospina, who I supposedly am affiliated with in some way or the other, tells me hers and mine life are in danger and I must meet her and her brother in her apartment, asap!

Third time’s a charme: I decide to forego the vans and rezz my own Dash by 2Zm Motors. It’s a nifty little car and just right for nifty little Orca. Why no bike? I’m wearing a mini dress, that’s why.

“The game’s afoot” I  mumble to myself in best Sherlock Holmes fashion, and click the HUD, ready to follow its instructions to the T, as Geospina asked me so explicitly to do.

\o/ YAY! \o/ Now we’re going in style. Let’s not forget I’m on a sneaky mission here and the Dash reminds me perfectly of cartoonish private dicks.

It starts with me being TPd to the starty location where I can rez a van on the parking lot of some SL store. Nice. I guess that’s the coolest thing about these adventures: You’ll always get the vehicle you need for the next leg of your route.

Maintenance of Linden Routes on the Atoll continent is a scandal. There’s more plantlife on the road than in the wild. But I don’t have time to further meditate on that fact but concentrate on my route. See the HUD in upper central screen? It’s very helpful.

Cool, a van obviously means the route will follow some roads, obviously Linden Routes. The HUD is also very nifty and gives me very exact directions. Every single curve in the road is reflected by an arrow in the hud. Drastic changes of direction are shown by a huge 90° arrow. Can’t get lost with that thing. So, after initial start problems I finally hit the road and really enjoy the ride. Read all about what I’ve figured out by now in this illustrated story.

Driving/riding on Heterocera is always a little adventure in itself, since the terraforming and landscaping is so well done and rather beautiful here.
Meanwhile I’m driving since an eternity and have non clue how much further I must drive to get to Geospina’s apartment. The HUD won’t tell me and after a while I’m bored by myself asking “Are we there yet?” like every two minutes. Orca’s such a child.:o
Then finally the HUD directs me to one of the many many train stations. I should’ve known. The Atoll ain’t famous for it’s very expanded network of trains and tracks for no reason. So the hunt will be on rails from now on?
I am told to go on the platform and rez a train. Of course I get one for free, which is super coolio!
ChooChoo, I’m a train …
ChooChoo, I’m … FUK! Am I going in the wrong direction? Focus, Orca, focus!
At the time of snapping these photos I wasn’t aware of me losing track. Still going in the wrong direction. That’s so typical for Orca, losing her way while on a railroad track. 😦
But at some point I notice my mistake when the train hits an invsiwall and I have to turn the locomotive around anyway.
Knock Knock! Here we are, finally knocking at Geospina’s door. I’m sick and tired of being pushed around like a Barbie doll and have so many questions for her …
… but unfortunately nobody’s home, neither Geopsina nor her brother who’s sending me messages from now on. He writes Geospina has been kidnapped and tells me to get outta the house in a hurry. The bad guys might still be around. That kinda explains the very chaotic apartment. Somehow I can’t imagine Geospina as a slutty housewife but I see her as a very neat person. But enough with speculations now ….
On Geospina’s desk I find a very cryptic note and make a snapshot of it. One never knows if it could be useful at some later point in my investigation.
Geospina’s apartment is somewhere on this multilevel urban sim. I won’t give you exact locations at any point of this adventure. Join the group Drivers of SL, look for the latest group notice and start your own adventure! I’ve figured out that every adventure is effective for two weeks, before the next one starts. Or something like that.
Ok, being obviously followed by some evil bad men makes me hurry back to the car and hit the road again. The HUD is still showing me the way.
After a while I get tired and when I see the famous Mole Market on my way I decide to call it quits for today or at least make a longer break. I can rezz a vehicle here and continue at any time I fancy.

So that’s it for now. That’s how far I got today. My adventure will continue tomorrow.

Oh, and this:

Drivers of SL

This group distributes Weekly Grid Drive Navigation HUDs it’s members use to explore SL in their own vehicles. All Grid Drives require a ground vehicle or vehicle attachment, some also require other vheicle types.

Weekly Grid Drive Sponsors may post up to one group notice per day promoting their products and must have sponsored a Grd Drive within the past 6 months.


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