Not so Lazy Afterall!

Or let’s say not so extremely lazy. or let’s rather say differently lazy. :/ Yeah, gave up on my plan to leave the house today and drive Oubaas to the mechanic … I can do that on Monday as well, right? Yeah, I’m a procrastinator, when I find the time to do so, since I’m pretty busy with another project.

Ya, we remember Orcsi wanted to testride Fedora 28 Linux with Mate DE. Tried it a couple times more but finally gave up. Well, Gnome3, Fedora’s main desktop, is out of the question so I thought why not give the crowdpleasing and fancy Cinnamon a fair chance …

Bildschirmfoto zu 2018-05-04 14-30-26

See that? The little message up top? Fehlgeschlagen in this case means Download Aborted. 😮 So now I just only cannot install alternative desktops; no, I can’t even download them from Fedora’s servers. 😦 Just to clarify, my connection is admittedy slow and has ultra long latency but it is super stable! When I start a download it goes through and finishes without any errors. So it’s definately on Fedora’s side. And you’ve gotta wait for my excited review of that nice system a little while longer. Let’s say for the rest of your life. 😉

No shit. Dontcha think if and when Fedora would be, like, a superduper distro, we’d hear more about it, on YouTube and in magazines and blogs? But we don’t. All is quiet around Fedora. And that like two days after the release. So why should I be all excited when the rest of the world (incl. America) is rather like meh about this distro?

In the meantime I want you all to enjoy and frolic happily around in Linux Mint. And if you come to your senses and wanna experience some adventure, go ahead, daughter, and get ye some Namib or Antergos, or even Manjaro if you’re up to that shit.



  1. I have tested Fedora 28. The install was super-easy, all the defaults in the installer were correct. Then you get a very polished and good looking Gnome desktop upon login. As you all know, Gnome is the choice of discerning linux users. All in all a very good linux for any user.

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    • Hej Traps,
      nice that you didn’t encounter any gremlins during the install. Did you indeed install Fed on the metal or just with a VM again? And Gnome … pleeeze! That’s not even up for discussion. Real Linux heroes won’t touch that shit with a 10′ pole. Yesyes, I know it’s slowly getting better, even bordering on usable for human beings … but why o why did it take some years before it even got to a grade of majurity Gnome 2 already had 100 times as strong, when the fukkers decided they were bored and needed to invent a new toy. I can’t see the allure of it. And please tell me what makes Gnome3 so “good looking” for you? For me they all look kinda the same. Icons, windows, panels … it’s basically identical in all desktops. Even in Win and Mac. How much additioanl bullshit everybody adds or takes away is an indiviudual decision … or at least it used to be until Gnome 3 came along and took all the freedom out the user’s hands.
      Yes, I know it’s better now, they gave us some customizing tools, which aren’t part of the initial install but you need to find and install them as extra packages.

      In my eyes that’s the definition of crappola!

      Might be a good system for n00bs because they’ll never know what they’re missing with Gnome3.

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  2. Gnome is perfect as it is. It lets you start and organize your programs easily, by mouse or keyboard. And that is all a desktop should do.

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    • By that definition, my dear Trappola, Windows would be a perfect desktop. Give the customer nothing, because every option you give them can and will only confuse them. And if they think they are all clever and want some more creature comforts, have them pay for that stuff.

      “Here, have a car! Want a motor going with it it? That makes 10,000 woolong extra on top, but you’ll get a deLuxe sticker and some fairy dust and included extended lifetime warrantee for up to 2 years.”


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