Being Lazy


You know what I’m talking about, do ya? The feeling you sometimes have when, no, you’re not bored but have enough stuff to do, simple stuff really, nothing big, nothing you’d need to leave the house for, stuff you’re supposed to do right on this computer … stuff I should have done yesterday, I should be doing right nownow, instead of scribbling stupid little rants.

It’s about doing stuff for the blog. This bloggy here. But in order to do what I was planning to do I’d need to log in world SL. Usually I love my little outings in SL and come back with fresh photos and a kinda idea what to text. Yes, it’s all a given. Today as well. I just can’t bring it over my rotten heart to actually open the fukn Firestorm Phoenix viewer and say Hello to the SL world.

What I also could do would be to install the brandnew Fedora 28 and give that funky Linux distro another chance. I tried it years ago and it turned out to be crappola but times have changed, I became softer and more tolerant, despite knowing exactly being tolerant always ends in tears. Anyway, with enough test computers it’s not a problem playing with Fedora. They even have some desktop environments to choose from now, so we’re not forced on that public enemy Gnome3. And, hey, I wasn’t even lazy but downloaded Fedora’s Mate version … and failed the installation. 😮 Okeeee … completely cleaned out the HD, prepared the machine back to virgin state … outcome was the same. 😦


See what happens if I try to be a good little bloggerista and friend and protector of the Linux younglings? Yes, I’m damaged, I’m crying, I’m suffering … and all just for you! Because I love  you soooo… Why did I take off my blinders, why wasn’t I going like “Ugh, Fedora bullshit. I won’t touch that!”? I could’ve made a blogstory from it, recommending you to stay the fuk off Fedora. Would’ve been so easy. Easy peasy. Particularly since I kinda know that most of you guys won’t read any Linux articles anyway, specifically not my amateur n00bie shit. Only one exception: Little Sammie reads all my mis-adventures in Linux, all my stories of failure, so she can argue with head held up high why she is still on some shitty iMac instead of joining the Linux revolution. :/ A reason more to just write a damning piece about Fedora, without even trying the distro in the first place, right?

But no! Orca’s stupid. And stubborn. So I’ll try to install Fedora again. Later. When I’m done being lazy … I guess. Same with the inworld SL story. I’ll log Orca on, I’ll do snapshots and collect some data … and this time I will ignore all IMs and other attempts of contacting me. Knowing me I’ll fail that and let myself being dragged into funny conversations and group chats and whatnots. And I’ll be too busy with all that bullshit to make a good blogstory. 😦


With that much stress I just remember now that I was supposed to drive Oubaas to the mechanic and have the idle checked. All of a sudden the van started idling much too high, dunno what happened there. Maybe I should’ve gone with electronic injection instead of an oldstyle carburetor? Hmmm… :/

Anyway … ok, guess what? I’ll do that now. I know it’s friday and I know it’ll be hectic out there. But it will probably help me shaking off that inherent laziness that lingers in my washed up brain. And/or give me a good excuse to protract my SL stuffz even longer. Hehe. A try can’t do no harm, right?

Laterz xxoxoox



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