Peace Missiles?


If it was on me to comment I’d have following to say to the Nobel Price Committee: “You bunch of motherfu…” Fortunately It’s not my turn to say anything even closely realistic but wish the honoured president Trump all the best and good luck with the new shiny medal.

The Donald after receiving his very own, and well-earned, Nobel Peace Price


    • Ya, in Hitler’s case an absolute joke! Not a funny one tho. In Stalin’s case I can’t see why not? All he basically did was defending his country against the nazis. All he did was winning, and ending, WW2. If that’s not Nobel prize worthy, I dunno.
      I’ve once read an article by some history professor who said “Stalin wasn’t the leader the people wanted, he was the leader they needed!”
      Of course he was a sick man, paranoid, ruthless and brutal. But he drove the fukn Jerries back to Berlin, threatened Japan much worse than even 2 American nukes managed to do. That’s a man of peace.


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