Pheew! :)

That went fast. Pheew, lucky me. When I logged in today I noticed my (too) hastily acquired parcel on Sansara was already sold. Yay, I’m rid of it, only lost like 1000 woolong and now I can go and look for something … naw, not necessarily better, as all 1024 m² parcels having you dealing with compromises, but something, let’s say, more fitting for my requirements. That parcel in Frontenac was nearly perfect, just the local terraforming was a bit too problematic for my taste.

Look what the new owner has done:


Ya, good idea to asphalt the whole parcel, In order not to have the ascending slope too steep, they had to make the upper level really small tho.Not enough place for an office building. Well, you can always put it on stilts but that may open a completely new can of worms. Anyway, I’m just happy that land is gone now …


… so I could go ahead and buy that nice parcel at the beach. But it doesn’t look like there are many peopel interested in buying that one, so I’ll do another round scouting for suitable 1024s, tomorow. Or maybe even later today.



    • It sometimes is truly astonishing what particularly the huge landlords are able to deliver. True dat. Buuut not even the Chungs are real magicians, and can’t work around SL’s limitations. Prim limits are prim limits and they can’t sell what’s not there.
      I was in the business myself in 07/08 and what some landlords back then did to be able to advertise their land as “double prims” was just selling half-sized parcels. All just smoke and mirrors. We also gave our renters full permissions on their parcels and sims, which is a lot in private estates. Terraforming from here to there, even changing the ground textures, all possible. But I went directly onto mainland when I was done with that job. It’s so much more exciting!


  1. Oh and when you pick your land…it’s zero linden and you just pay the tier..I never understood why anyone would want to pay to buy mainland at all…you have to pay for air up front …which is silly because you still have to pay land tier, you get less space and less prims…for more money…shrugs…makes no sense to me.

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    • Hehe, we sold our land. Back then, when SL was booming I sold up to 3 parcels on a good day. Each for 3000 – 7000 woolong. Tee he. All that ended of course when LL upped the prices for homeland sims during the 08 homeland scandal. It was almost from one day to the next, ppl started abandoning/re-selling their lands, many leaving SL for good. It was the beginning of the end. 😦


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