Namib GNU/Linux KDE 18.02

Happy 1st of May, comrade workers!

Now, before you leave the house in order to join the protest marches for more human and worker’s rights, higher wages, better tariff contracts, more social security and more vacation time today, please let’s have a quick look at a much smaller, much more personal drama.

As true Orcablog readers you probably know that my husbando’s world is falling apart … since quite a while already. You know he’s a huge fan of the KDE desktop environment, and ever since since the KDE devs shifted paradigms by coming up with Plasma 5.xx, he feels betrayed. Where are all the nifty complicated things he still could do in Plasma 4 versions of old? Why did KDE, of all the Linux flavours, join the choir of simplicity and less individual freedom all the other DEs are singing? He briefly gets his hope up with every new distro, with every KDE version … only to be crushed, again and again. 😮

They took out the world’s bestest calendar application, they took out everything that was remotely nifty and fun. Also KDE is slower than ever now, he felt like wading through molasses (oh well, that might’ve been our lame Lenovo). They’ve replaced it with bullshit promises as ease of use and streamlining KDE beyond any recognition, following the Gnome3 top to bottom movement into fascist territory. Kidz, that’s not the GNU/Linux spirit. 😦


This is the result of hubby’s brief test run of KDE on Namib GNU/Linux 18.02 he just absolved tonight. As you can see from the 4:3 screen ratio he was using MiniMe, my older small Lenovo computer. And as you can also see the desktop is nearly in unadultered state, like fresh outta the box. When I asked him like 10 minutes ago, he just shook his head in frustation and – even worse – mumbled something about “can as well install Mate” in his beard.

And that, ladies and gentlebois, that is a very radical statement for a true believer in KDE. You know KDE fraggles are usually regarded as the most snobbish bunch of Linux users, experts on all things everything and full of wisdom and knowledge. One of those celestial creatures saying he might as well install a lowly Gnome-klone, now that is something. It speaks of great depression and hopelessness, it tells us about a man who’s lost all hope for humanity, all trust in his fellow man. 😦

And thus it becomes more and more obvious that humble little Mate, that oldfashioned desktop out of the amazonian rain forest, has become the last flame bearer of the true GNU/Linux spirit.

Mate’s such a delightful desktop. 🙂

As for hubby, well, time’s quickly running out for him. His recent OS, Kubuntu 14.04 LTS will only be supported up to April 2019. Then he should find a new home asap. Make up your fukn mind man, the choice is yours: It’s either Mate or typing commands in Terminal. :/

… or back to Windows you go! 😦 😮 😦



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