Bryan Joins the Choir

… of Intel Hades Canyon fans.

And, know what? He’s right to do so. This little NUC is such a cool product, it really and indeed stands alone. Not just because of the fact that Intel and AMD are working in unison on this project (it’s as if North- and South Korea would work together, unimaginable just a couple months ago) but mainly because this machine is really super duper! Just look at Bryan’s benchmark results and you’ll know.

IntelHadesHonestly, if I had to buy a new computer now I’d go with this Intel NUC. Fuk selfbuilt, fuk all my philosphies about one shouldn’t buy prefabricated shit from the major manufacturers; when their shit is this good I buy it! And anyway, since this is more or less a barebone and you’ve gotta add RAM and HDD/SSD yourself it kinda is still a kinda sorta selfassembled PC and you can be really proud of yourself.

Intel? AMD? Shut up and take my money!

Screenshot-2018-5-1 Tech YES City - YouTube



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