Second Life on Instathingamajig

Just read about it on Daniel Voyager’s blog …

Screenshot-2018-4-29 Second Life ( official_second_life) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos
Socially awkward stuff

Facebook, Twat, YoToob, Fluckr and G+ … SL is connected like a boss! All over the interwebz and ready at any time to disperse some fluffy propaganda in exchange for your underwear. In yo face sucka!

Their newest tool is Instagram, and once I figure out what is what over there I’m quite sure I will learn to hate it like all the other services. You know ’em, right? The stuff where you give up all your mostest privatest info and data and turn yourself into a commodity. For them sexy businesses to exploit without any gain for yourself.

What else? Oh ya, have fun! 🙂

Hoo! Weeeeee…! right?

Now off for my daily YT safari …

… let me quickly look something up. What’s the word I was looking for? …

Yes I know. Now shut the fuk up!


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