O Tempora! O Mores!

I always knew it: Brits are twats!

Yeah, that’s right, guys. Instead of teaching pupils how to read the time from an analogue timekeeping device, rather give in to their insecurities and install digital clocks. Aaaaw, the poor little babies. 😦

Fuk me sideways, I can’t remember any classroom with clocks at all. During my time, there was only a gong when  the time for a class or a test was over. And anyway, what difference does it make? If I know my shit I’m finished with the test at least 5-10 minutes early, hand the paper to the teacher and go home. If you’re not finished, like, 2 minutes before the deadline, you’ve probably failed the subject anyway. No telling the time will help you there. Right? Or do you think competence will come to you in the last 30 seconds? Really?

As if a world with millenials in it isn’t bad enough, those kidz of said millenials are ten times worse. 😮






PS: Don’t you think the stock photo in The Telegraph is the wurstest illustration ever and totally misses the point?


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