Premium subscription changes: a little more news from Grumpity


It would be insane not to become a Premium member … if you wanna stay playable in SL that is. We’re not talking about premium perks here but about survival! Looks like the Lab is going to reduce some basic permissions and needs and wants to reduce basic membership to a kind of sampling things, a testing account that will fall flat after a couple weeks or so. 😦
Do I smell yet another dickhead move by our honoured Lindens?
Read all about it in Inara’s allknowing blog.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

At the April 20th, 2018 town hall event, Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Linden confirmed that as a part of pivoting Second Life’s revenue generation away from a heavy reliance on land, the Lab are looking at introducing a range of Premium account options which will have different levels of benefits associated with them – see here for more (includes an audio extract of his comments).

While details have yet to be finalised, Grumpity Linden spoke to some of the ideas under consideration at the Web User Group meeting. Because her comments are likely to be of interest beyond that meeting, I’ve provided a transcript of her comments, with an audio recording, below.

to précis Grumpity’s comments:

  • The Lab is looking at a range of Premium subscriptions, not just the single tier we know at present.
  • As per Ebbe’s original comments, how many and what they might each comprise is still…

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