I HATE My New Land :..(

As fancy as that little plateau is for a nice little private home, it is rather inappropriate as location for my OrcaGarage and Thar She Blows! Editor Offices. So today, just 5 minutes ago, after playing around with some structures and having paved the parking lot I’ve decided I made a big mistake when I bought the parcel. 😮

Of course, right after throwing a hissyfit of hysterical epicness I suffer a major heart attack and die in truly theatrical fashion.


Right after that little episode I decide to pass the fukn land to a better owner. Even for a special price: 3000 woolong is a bargain after I paid 4000 just 2 days ago. Isn’t it?

So, guys, if you’re interested in a very nice 1024 m² parcel in the heart of Sansara look no further!

Bildschirmfoto zu 2018-04-26 12-14-39
Here you go for the bargain of a lifetime!

What, 3000 still too expensive? For such a prime cut of finest old continent, directly at a Linden Route and close by the Sea of Fables and East River? Ok, call me if you wanna haggle.

Really? What, really?



    • Not entirely true, darling. I never hated any of my lands! I hated the Lindens and abandoned my land in a protest, yes. Or I didn’t want to pay tiers no more. Or other reasons. But hating my land, no, not so much. Of course as a land owner you’ll always see areas of optimization, you’re never, like, really finished with it. And that’s just good and natural. Only in this parcel I don’t see much I can do to optimize it for my personal needs.
      It is a good parcel in best location. Just not for me.


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