End of the Drought!?!

Table View, Cape Town, RSA, 5:30 A.M.

After some already decent rainfall in the recent days, tonight the heaven opened it ports totally I gave us the long promised rainstorm. Started in all its brutality like an hour ago and is now coming and going in always changing intensity. Sometimes the rain falls straight down, sometimes it’s blown almost horizontally by accompanying gale force winds.


Cool! Tho maybe not so cool for our emergency services. After having to supply water to the townships and informal settlements for the last half year or so, now they suddenly have to supply rubberducks and floats, and fight vicious flooding.


Will probably read in today’s papers how many gogos and their grandkidz died in the floods tonight. Meanwhile our garden enjoys the fresh sprinkling while hubby and me are happy we managed to run lots of errands today and even have enough foods and drinks in the house to cocoon ourselves in for a couple days.


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