Chocolate Fountain

Believe it or not, I’ve never seen a chocolate fountain in my life. Never even heard about these things until a couple weeks ago. And today, just as if fate wanted to prove the concept to me, there was a real live one, out in the wild, right at our Bayside shopping mall:


Behold the wonders of real unfettered commercialism. 🙂 How else could such bullshit even exist? I mean what is this crap, we supposed to eath that? Or what? Doesn’t even look appealing and seems to be a total waste of absolutely fine chocolate. 😮



    • Yeah, Woolworths in Germany went out of business in the 70s I guess. And that was wayyyyy before the internet and Amazon n shit. Wooly’s clothes were just too shabby quality. Only stingy grannies bought there.
      Here in SA they are like an upscale chain, good brands, expensive prices.
      Oh, and they also have a chain of ridiculously overpriced food stores. I hardly dare going there because it’s all so yummy and would drive me into ruin. 😮


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