Kræ$h Böøm P@ng!

Look at this. Now. Look at that shit!!!


Happened already twice this week.

First the whole computer goes dark, like all of a sudden-ish, and me going like Ooops! 😮

After a couple seconds the desktop lights up again. But just the fancy wallpaper … without any iconic icons on it … and nothing happening when I clicker on it.

And again after a minute or so the desktop goes dark aaaand then starts showing me some cryptic messages. Of course in that stage I’m much too hectic and panic stricken to figger out what’s what with all the mumbo jumbo.

The last line just keeps repeating and repeating into eternity … and after, like, 10 minutes or so I lose my last nerve and kill the unresponsive machine by switching it öff at the PSU. 😦

… Wait for the usual 10 – 20 seconds … until all electricity has left the machine like a poltergeist after an exorcism. Or how Elvis left the building. Coz datz wot we do wiff hardware gone schtoopid and soft in the brain! No, really, no joke. We’ve gotta wait until the last residues of any bad vibrations are out off the system. When those smug IT guys in your office tell you to wait the 20 seconds they’re not just trying to drive you crazy but it makes technical sense. Indeedelidoo it does, neighbor!


Switching the PSU on, rebooting the computer … Hello girlfriend! Fucker acts like nothing’s happened. Doesn’t mention the highly disturbing incident with a single remark or at least a clever one-liner. No. All clear. Machine works fine since then. Very weird. :/

And now … wait, I know what you’re thinking, didn’t I tell you I was empathic? You was thinking it’s typical for Orca and her unreliable, highly experimental Linux shits. How good you stayed on Windows, right?

Yes. And you’d be wrong about that. Very wrong. Sooo very wrong. Even wronk! with a k and exclamation mark. Shit’s got nothing to do with Linux.

I bet my skinny German @$$ it’s a fukn hardware breakdown. Again. 😦 I shouldn’t have saved money by purchasing that cheapo motherboard in the first place. You know how I have to bring it into Gigabyte repair all the friggin’ time. It’s highly irritating and makes me angry … mostly about myself and my stupidity. But that doesn’t help in the moment when you’re sitting in front of your PC and wanna get stuff done but your PC just don’t wanna, does it?

Anyhoo, as of a couple days ago I don’t dare running the machine 24/7 anymore but switch it off when I’m AFK for a longer time span. And again I know that you’re probaly thinking that’s not very profeshunal of Orca, and this time you be right. Because my thinking goes in the same direction.

Fortunately I’m not a profeshunal. 🙂

Oh wait, I am!

Or does professional procrastinator not count? Or professional stunt person, professional waifu, professional van driver, professional goofball, profeshunal avatarine? All those no real profeshuns?

Professional avatar: Orca Flotta


    • Note: it is actually better to keep a problem computer on 24/7 it is the boot sequence that stumbles first…most peoples problems happen when they try to boot, if your booted into linux…stay there or risk not booting next time. Just saying.

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      • Yes, my Linux gurujin said the same. And I usually keep mine running 24/7. Boot ain’t a problem at all, it’s maybe overheating when I leave it on for too long. Maybe I should take the cover off again … but then it gets so fukn dusty. 😮


    • Mine is an older model, already outdated when I bought it. It’s not even using my 1866 RAM to full capacity. But I didn’t know that when I ordered it.


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