Namib GNU/Linux Gains Media Attention

Finally the Linux YouTubers start to discover this fine little distro. Which is good on one hand, while on the other you just wanna hit the reviewer – in this case the DistroTube YT Channel – over the head for their blindness and ignorance and giving out wrong informations. Anyway, better than no coverage at all. So here we go:

All in all a kinda fair review on Namib, even though that guy installed an outdated ISO version and he did it, like almost all Toobers, on a virtual machine, which doesn’t even come close to real world performance of the various Linuxes they test and review.

And hey, when he asks at the end about the sense of yet another Arch Linux distro with the Mate desktop, when there are many others doing already the same it seems like a legit question. Let me try to answer it here:

NamibYTThere is a lot to be said in favour of uncluttered, monofocussed distros who stick to one thing they can do very well, rather than branching out into lots of stuff and aimless activities they don’t do very good. Yes, looking at you, Manjaro and Antergos. Like SWAGArch did with Xfce, so does Namib GNU/Linux with Mate, giving us a perfectly integrated desktop. This is what makes it so much better than, for example, Manjaro where the Mate maintainer once disapeared from the face of the planet and we stupid little users were left in the dark and had to watch helplessly how our systems started to falling apart in an ever accelerating cascade of fails. In Namib on the other hand I always feel as good and save as anyone on a rolling distribution can fell save at all. Up to now already two months without any major incident … *knock on wood*

Yes, we know that Namib’s website is a bit blah and meh and amateurish but still, clicking on the correct version download would’ve made you look much more professional, Mr. DistroTube

Well, I guess if the DistroTube guy would’ve taken a little bit more time for reading up and maybe contacted Frederic2ec personally he wouldn’t have looked so stupid during the video and could’ve made a really interesting and helpful edutaining video.

Is this sooo confusing? Really?

Yes, I know the good Frederic2ec was maybe a bit too fast and hectic to announce a bunch of flavours for Namib, which aren’t available yet and leaving downloadable but outdated ISO versions online. Still I guess one single look at the site should be enough to ensure you of the facts that Mate is the only available desktop and  18.02 the most recent and fresh version. You’ve gotta be rather sloppy to tell your audiences about Namib’s availabilty with KDE, Gnome and Xfce desktops … and then go ahead and download and install the 17.08 version. 😮



  1. “Still I guess one single look at the site should be enough to ensure you of the facts that Mate is the only available desktop” wrong, you can download different flavors you have to select ONLY the flavor you want.if you select two or more flavors at the same time it don’t work

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  2. I am not a fan of distrotube. I watched him review windows 10, and although it has its issues..its not NEAR how he made it out to be. He installed a half ass version of Windows called Windows S…which every gripe he had about Windows 10 was really because his dumb ass installed the S version which is basically like…chrome…you can surf the web and not much more. If he installed the ACTUAL WIndows 10…he would have had literally none of his complaints about it. He looked pretty stupid in that video.

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    • Can’t say anything about that. Last Windows that ever graced any of my computers was Win7 which wasn’t half bad … but also not really great, not some environment I felt homely and cozy in.


    • No, it don’t. It’s not a word in the English vocabulary. It’s Spanish/indogene Amazonian tribal language. And refers to Yerba Mate, a plant you can make a tea-like beverage from. And the original forkers of Gnome2, who made Mate were some guys from Argentina. It’s indeed Mate with Uh and a pronounced E. But not as overdone as all the Toobers pronounce it. More like it is pronounced in Porsche. Just a humble little e. 😉
      It’s time for all you Anglophile lot to finally see that you’re not a majority on this planet. Actually far from. There are wayyyy more Spanish speakers in the world. But even their number is little in comparison to Hindi and Mandarin.


      • While I do get what you are saying, and it is a better explanation than I have heard prior…here is the thing

        Windows 10 is in English…the Spanish version is called Ventana 10…because windows when translated to Spanish is a different word. You would think they would spell the English version in English right?

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        • The correct use (at least in Germanic languages) is that names = names. You don’t change them. For example Dr. Frankenstein will always be Frankenstein, not even Americans are allowed to change it to Frankenstine. And I can tell you from reliable sources that Windows = Windows in Germany as well as in America. Because Windows is a product name. Ok, there once was a functional, yet jokey version of Windows, named Fensterln especially for the Bavarian market. But that was locallly produced. That was before the advent of the internet and in so far nobody gave a flying wet towel about copyright and stuff.

          Dunno what they thought when they renamed it Ventana for hispanic markets. But honestly, who knows what MS are thinking … who even wants to know what they were thinking? Of course MS have the right to rename their shit for different markets as much as they fancy. Maybe that’s why so many Linux distros come from the Spanish speaking world. Because they don’t care for MS at all. And I for once am fully prepared to die in ignorance. 😉


          • But please tell me the explanation for Mate you’ve heard before. I just love to debunk myths. It’s so easy with the all-knowing Wkipedia and the various project websites. I guess the Mate devs even made a soundclip of the correct pron(o)unciation.
            Hmm, doesn’t exist anymore. Found this YT vid instead:

            Ok, gotta admit the E is very expressively pronounced. Haven’t thought it would be so über. 🙂

            PS: Gotta correctify the video guy as well: Maté yerba ain’t a tea. Only beverages made from tea leaves are teas, herbal products like mate yerba are just that, beverages in the style of tea, a la tea, tea-esque, tea-ish. Same as a chicken schnitzel can never be a called Vienna schnitzel.


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