More Namib GNU/Linux

Hello again! I’ve gotta correctify myself here. Frederic2ec wrote a comment and let me know what a stupid bitch I am …

… and that nownow will be right now!

After some minutes of hopeless clicking on shit I figured it out. Weird that Mate doesn’t automatically goes grey when I click on Xfce. But anyway, it fukn werkz! YAY!
But anyway, why use Xfce, which seems to me like a badly gone wrong prototype of Mate, while Gnome3 is a bad mutation … and KDE is spaced far out in a universe of its own. 🙂

It werkz, reaally and truly werkz! Just gotta be patient. 🙂

So guys, if any of you are Xfce fans or you love KDE or even the unspeakable evil Gnome 3 (why, traitor?), Namib’s got you covered. And if it’s as tasty on those flavours as it is on Mate, then you’re in for a treat. An unspectacular, quiet but speedy and robust treat. 🙂


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