Even More Namib GNU/Linux!

Even our good old friend Jack Wallen wrote a favourable piece about Namib for Linux.Com, the News for the Open Source Professional which everyone can read. 😉 That’s the true spirit of open source. 😉

Please read the article and learn how Namib GNU/Linux can be your dream as well

Pheeew, seems for once Orca isn’t the lonely caller in the desert but many other Linux users, many of them professionals, share her opinion and love for this n00bie friendly Arch Linux operating system. Mhm, it really is that good. And the coolest thing is that it’s not different from other Linuxes in any way. At least not different from other Arches. Only in so far that it makes your life easy. Easier, more stable and faster than my former fave OS, Manjaro. With its Mate desktop environment it looks and feels and operates identical to Manjaro, to Mint, to Ubuntu Mate and many other distros. But with Namib you’re buying into the good feeling that you’re on a better, more recent, faster and more luxurious system than most others can deliver.

Ugh, let me go for broke here: Namib GNU/Linux gets the Orca Seal of Approval as a n00bie friendly operating system! I mean it. Really. If you can manage to install Linux Mint (as even my 40 years departed granny can do) you should be able to install and ultimately enjoy the goodness of Namib as well. So, basta!



  1. Hi,
    After you post, I made a change on the website. So now in the download page it’s separeted in two sections. The “lastest” and “older”. So it’s easier to download.. I added some shadow two on the main page.

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome Fred. I know I’m only a small blog, and not even a real Linux blog but I try to do my best in converting my fellow Second Life avatars over to Linux. But of course only the bestest distros will be recommended on these pages! And your Namib ticks all my personal boxes! 🙂


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