I Gave Antergos Another Chance

And it was good. At least not as bad as I remember it. Installation didn’t take an eternity anymore, and the two desktop flavours we’ve checked out (hubby looked at KDE and Orca of course on Mate) worked as expected. Hubby hates the Plasma 5 generation of KDE, but Antergos’ implementation thereof wasn’t worse than that of many other Linux distros. I remember my first tries on Antergos, a couple years ago, presented me with an almost uninstallable base and haphazardly implemented Mate. Things have changed to the better now. When I tried Mate it turned out this time they got it right and gave us an active desktop. \o/ Whooopdeedoo! \o/

Antergos Mate fresh out of the box. Nice and reduced like any other Mate DE with only the bare minimum visible on the desktop but a lot of ooomph under the hood.

Oh, and it also seems to be quite spunky. A good system. At least inside the 10 minutes I gave it to proof itself it seems less problematic than my old favourite Manjaro. No idea how it would behave in the long run … and at what stage of its life it would break down. 😮

Tweaked in Orca style with 50% reduced icons, the needless trash can out of the way in the bottom right hand corner and a much flatter panel. Maximizing screen real estate is always my first concern. And a little bit nicer wallpaper that ships with this distro.

As you can see I didn’t do too much to the desktop. Mate is almost perfect for me fresh out of the box, so not much of tweaking was necessary. Of course in due time I’d add my program and application starters to the panel, so I don’t need to use the menu.

What else? Oh yes, as you can see I made my first real life test by installing the Singularity Alpha viewer from the AUR (Ach User Repository), which worked flawlessly. But starting the viewer lead to nowhere. A message shows up on screen, stating that Singu is about to start, and then after like 10 or 20 seconds … nuffink happens! 😮 That’s nothing special and seems to be a thing that happens with all Arch-based distros every so often. On my own Namib ArchLinux I went with Firestorm for now. Which is good. There is probably a reason why it’s such a favourite of the masses.

And even outdated Orca slowly gets used to it, at least in Phoenix mode she does. Still not wearing any Bento or Meshy body parts, no sir. Ok, my feet are mesh when I go barefoot, which is almost always. But that’s it then.

Download from here

Soooo, what’s to say about Antergos? It’s actually much too early to say anything about the long-term usuability but in my very brief test the system functioned admirably. One can feel that the Mate desktop comes as one of the standard options and not as a community edition. It feels better integrated now. And I honestly see no reason why the system would break after an update anytime soon as it is much closer to Arch upstream than its bigger competitor Manjaro. In so far I expect performance and stability like I got it from Namib GNU/Linux. Which is a good thing.

And same as with Namib, I’d almost say Antergos is n00bworthy. The installation process takes a bit more time but in exchange for that the base install ISO file ships complete with 6 desktop environments. So there’s no need to download a new installation medium if and when you wanna try another desktop. Cool beans. 😉


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