New Found Land. :)

Today I was scouting again for nice 1024 m² parcels …

… all over the grid. I was focusing on roadside because, honestly, whom am I kidding, I’m just not sailing anymore, anyway. But I’m still using bikes and cars to get around the mainland continents.

So finally I decided for a nice hillside parcel in the heart of Sansara. And it was even like 6000 woolong cheaper than the parcel I had sought out on Nautilus. Look!


Mine, all mine!!!

Yes, it’s the same parcel from the last photo above. I like its position and quirkyness. Of course after I bought it, first things first …


… a driveway is a fukn must! I hope the moles will forgive me for intruding onto offical Linden road. Hey, I’m even using the original Linden asphalt for blending in. 🙂 About levelling these lower parts of my land out a bit for better vehicle parking we’ll see about that tomorrow. Will see if my terraforming capabilities aren’t too rusty by now.

But now it’s dinner time …


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