2 Months on Namib GNU/Linux

… and it gets ever better and better. After some small and pretty much unavoidable teething problems in the beginning, the whole system runs like a well-oiled machine now … which it basically is. I don’t do much to it, don’t do any exciting stuff at all but just log sometimes into SL, surf and blog and mostly use my rig as home entertainment system and piratey speedboat. Arr mateys!

All the maintenance I do is limited to doing all the updates as soon as they become available. Apart from that my setup purrs like an exceptionally happy meerkat.


Oh, I know it’s bad luck bragging about how good everything is, and I’m prolly angering the Linux gods, but you must understand these past two months were the longest period I’ve ever computered without any hassles and incidents. In my excitement I just had to let you know. 😉

My netbook, OrcNet, is even a  day longer on Namib than MiniMax, my “production machine”. I don’t use it often right now but it makes a nicely speedy impression. Actually it runs smoother and faster than ever before on the nearly identical Manjaro Mate …


But two or three times a day I put it on my desk and run the updates as they become available. So I keep that machine nicely up-to-date, for its time to shine will come soon. This time next month we’re flying over to Germany, as every year, and there we’ll only have this stupid sexy little thing as our sole computing device.


Just did the latest update. Machine is good to go. 😉

Why am I showing you this? Why can’t I stop making propaganda for a GNU/Linux disto that is pretty much unknown, an outsider even in the already non-mainstreamy Linux world? Because, my people, because. Because reasons. Yes, I know Namib doesn’t have mass-appeal like the more famous distros Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Manjaro and so forth. It’s not a distro for beginners, with its ArchLinux base and that forked oldtimey Mate desktop. Namib doesn’t have any history, not a huge community but is maintained by pretty much one single guy … which should always make your alarm bells go off. Frederic could die in an avalanche today or be run down by a snow plough (he lives afterall in Canada) and I don’t know and don’t think any community members are ready to jump in to keep this distro alive. Conceivably bad circumstances for this newcomer, right?

linux-mate-namibBut this is the case with pretty much 90% of Linux distros, even the ones who are big and famous now. They all started small in some momma’s basement. So … hm, I know it’s irresponsible and I shouldn’t even dream about recommending Namib GNU/Linux for you guys. On the other hand why not? Why the fuk shall I not recommend a Linux distro that …

  • basically works the same as famous Mint Mate
  • operates super speedy (Arch goodness)
  • installs super fast and without a problem (Calamares installer)
  • doesn’t give any problems in operation
  • features one of the most easiest but very tweakable, still very lightweight desktops
  • works like a much more mature Linux system, wise beyond its years

I dare you! I dare you peeps to try it yourself. Try Namib and see if it works for you as nicely as it did for me. Maybe you’ll be in for a nice surprise. Get the shit from here and test it out on another machine than your main rig. As usual there are no guarantees and I can’t even promise you that you’ll get it installed in the first place. Maybe my computers were just right for it, but yours will be bitchin’ about it. Also never forget Orca’s requirements are remarkably low, as she doesn’t even run any printer or scanner or whatever weird peripherals you people might run. That is all stuff that might break your freshly installed operating system. But I don’t think it will. Arch is pretty much as tolerant to proprietary hardware as you can any Linux distro expect to be.

Also you better do it on a freshly deleted and formatted hard drive or SSD! Stuff like that often makes or breaks an installation. But no problem, Namib ships with the legendary Gparted right out of the box, so you can clean your hard drive or SSD already from the Live Environment before hitting the Install button. Takes just a couple seconds. So, maybe it’s not really a good OS for the totally blind n00bie but those of you who’ve played around in Linux and are running already another distro (Hello Minty Jackie!) should definately give it a go.

You’ll be the fastest, most cute squirrel meerkat on the block!



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