Scarlet Creative

Oh my. 😦 Charlotte, what’s wrong with you? What happened to the greatest artichect of my youth in SL? Didn’t you make all the fancy snow white villas which looked so good on every beach and pretty much everywhere? Weren’t you famous for the light-flooded, sun-drenched, generous architecture with the certain something?

And when I visited your sim today, looking forward to some awe and excitement, and maybe a new home … this:

What is this 1000 year old shite?

Jeezuz, girl, this ain’t what I like, this ain’t what anybody likes. I mean, maybe the  generation of our grandgrandparents. But we, the chic punx and millenials, we fashion hippies, we hipsters, we technocrats, we surfers, we today-people, we need something more exciting than numb feet.

FAIL, Charlotte Bartlett, FAIL!

Now off to her Marketplace store, maybe she’s got some of her older shit still listed there …



    • That may very well be so, oh dear. But my blog is the same since 2011 and I never changed its style, from young and chic and beachy and fresh to pseudo victorian or gothic or whatever that old people’s style is called.


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