Good News Y’all

Let’s go make a statement!

Ok, the Saudis were never to be trusted, and the Al Qaida members of the White Helmets even less. Now we know it officially! Thx Roger, next round’s on me.

But wait, There’s more! This just in from our international correspondent O. Flotta, who’s in contact with getting brainwashed by RT International, as we speak:

Hm, ya, okayyy, Brits and Jerries make gas and Syria’s the bad guy?

And, really now, can someone finally enlighten me on why (the fuk!) Assad would throw gas bombs on his own people, while they are celebrating him for the liberation from ISIS terror? Make no mistake peepels, Assad might be a dictator but he’s beloved by his countrymen, they trust him to navigate the good ship Syria out of this war with American puppet organisations. And in return, because he’s so grateful, he throws some gas bombs? And in the “retaliation” smart bombing by USA and gang, quite accidentally all the evidence for British, French and American wrongdoing was destroyed? Aaaaaw. 😦

Makes no sense for me.


    • “Do you know what a black ops mission is? Do you understand what a false flag is.”
      Purely hypotethetically, let’s say, even if I knew I wouldn’t be at liberty to talk about it. 😉 I hope that answers all your questions. 😉

      Oh, btw, it’s a shame that the CIA’s missions in Ukraine and all over the middle east, were so blatantly obvious and sloppily planned, everybody knows about them.


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