• Luna, sweetie, the people you talk to are underdeveloped, under educated aholes. That’s the same all over the world. Partly steered by their gov’ments, partly permitted and aided. You wouldn’t believe what’s going on here in SA, a country that just, like, two decades ago freed itself from institutional racism, Here it’s the Xhosa against the fukn Zimbabweans, Zulus against Angolans and everybody against the Nigerian mafia.

      Yes, the world is a shitty place. That’s why we vote leaders into power, to guide us with wisdom and a good measure of justice … yes, even social justice. But then when even our most powerful leaders turn out to be nothing but small-minded egoistical businessmen, full of hatred and personal self-interests, how do you expect their people to be any better adjusted?


      • … and, all this makes Mr. Thomas’s statement not less true. It’s really these things that are so appaling for most people. And contrary to our leaders the people – at least the non-sheeple portion of people – see how supporting the USA will be bad, potentially even deadly, for ourselves in the long run.
        By supporting the USA we’re trampling ourselves down.
        By boycotting and sanctioning Russia and China we’ll lose billions in trades and hundreds of thousands of jobs at home.
        And it’s not even politically motivated but purely business. America’s afraid to lose control and relevance when China replaces the petrodollar with their own currency. That’s why NATO is tasked with bullying them. No other reason.


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